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"Soon... all will be lost."

Inspired by RPGs like OFF, Undertale and Earthbound, BLANK is a role-playing game that puts you in control of Veta the Harbinger, a young female warrior born with black eyes. Life within her home of Finima Village is peaceful enough. But when a dark and twisted curse begins to corrupt the land and its people, she finds herself travelling across the world of Transech seeking a cure. Will she succeed in her mission, or is there more to this "corruption" than this story lets on?

BLANK includes a notable selection of features, including:

  • Approachable and straightforward user interface systems. One of the core foundations for BLANK's design was to allow almost anyone to jump in and play the game, even if they aren't necessarily RPG fans.
  • Weapon and Armor rarities, going in the order of Normal, Rare, Unique and Legendary. Key Items themselves are labelled as their own rarities.
  • An original soundtrack composed by the excellent Adam Halpin (StygianWhite). BLANK features over 45+ songs, all completely original for the game.

Install instructions

Because BLANK is a game created with the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, I have released the game in two different versions. One version is the default, while the other includes the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP (Run Time Packages).

If you have downloaded any RPG Maker VX Ace games and/or assets, you won't need to download the RTP version. You can download the No RTP version of the game. But if this is your first RPG Maker VX Ace game download and you don't have the assets installed, you will need to download the RTP version.

BLANK (1.3.1 - No RTP included) = 178 MB

BLANK (1.3.1 - RTP included) = 365 MB

The game will be uploaded in a ZIP folder, so you will have to extract the files (where to is completely up to you).

After this is done, simply open the game's folder and click on the Application file marked "Game". This is the full game itself and once you reach this point, you should be good to go.

Please leave a comment or message me if you run into any further problems!


BLANK 1.3.1 (No RTP).exe 178 MB
BLANK 1.3.1 (RTP).exe 364 MB

Development log


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So do you want me to bring it over?

Sorry, I was busy this week and didn't have much time to getting around to responding.

Also, sure, I would be more than fine with that. Is there anything you would like me to provide on my end?

I would like to talk about this in email if that's fine? More privacy you know?

That's fine. Send it to my E-Mail here:


Email has been sent ^^

Sure, what's on your mind?

If you intended to reply to sight21... you didn't.  Anyway, he probably wants to port BLANK to RPGMaker MV.

What's BLANK?

the game that we are currenty having a conversation in the comment section of. you probably just saw my reply to King Sangos completely out of context wen you followed me just now, right?

I responded to him.

Well I think he just answered what I was gonna ask you xD

Well would it be find if I helped bring this over to RPG Maker MV?

Could I ask you something?

This game is really cool. I just got to the beginning of CH2, and if the rest of the game is as good as CH1 I'd put it in my top 15 RPGs.

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but I really appreciate your comment!

I also had a chance to look at your review for the game and I'm glad that you're enjoying the story and atmosphere of Transech. : D