BLANK: Patch 1.3 is released!

Hey everyone!

After much time has passed (over a year), the next instalment for BLANK has finally arrived. Patch 1.3. is now available for everyone to play! Just what new changes does the game provide for you as the player? Well, there’s actually so much stuff in the game that’s changed that I can’t remember all the things that have been added. So I’ll guess you’ll just have to found out for yourselves!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so patient and now I will be very hard at work, ensuring The Spirits Within will be an experience unlike any other. I will be providing more details in the months to come!

With that said, enjoy Patch 1.3. and the new changes it brings to the table.

Love from,
King Sangos


BLANK 1.3 (No RTP).zip 178 MB
Feb 05, 2018
BLANK 1.3 (RTP).zip 364 MB
Feb 05, 2018



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Awesome! I still need to beat this. I got pretty far. I wonder if I should restart, or just try to finish it. Is this compatible with a 1.2 save?

Sadly it isn't. RPG Maker VX gets extremely buggy if you try to transfer the Save Data over to a previous version. Not only that, but Patch 1.3. has a LOT of changes to the base game, so it'll be better just to restart on the new patch.